Immerse yourself in our Simply Mint To Bee Natural Organic Vegan Soap where the benefits of pure peppermint are sure to have an invigorating, soothing and healing effect on skin while the refreshing aroma helps to lift your spirit.

The properties of pure peppermint has been valued for centuries for it’s beauty and health benefits.  Suzzy Bee’s hand-crafted peppermint soap is sure to help to brighten up your skin, keep acne under control as well as help to ease pain, swelling and inflammation.  

The nutrients in peppermint leaves help restore skin tone and elasticity, improving your overall skin complexion.  


You are simply mint to be Bee-autiful!


Bars are 4oz and wrapped individually in kraft paper.

Simply Mint To Bee Natural Vegan Soap ~ 4oz

$5.00 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
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