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The clarifying nature of oil cleansing paired with the detoxifying benefits of bentonite and kaolin clays, help refresh and renew skin.  Our Crumbled Clay Cleanse is available with various pure fruit and herb based oils, helping to soothe inflammation, as well as rejuvenate your overall spirit. ***Keep away from eyes and do not consume product.

Crumbled Clay Cleanse ~ 4oz Jar

  • Place a dime sized amount in the palm of hand. In an upward circular motion, gently swirl the cleanser onto dampened skin. Thoroughly massage the clay cleanser to ensure removal of dirt, grime and dead skin cells as well as help to stimulate your skin, helping your natural beauty and radiance shine through. BEE sure to keep away from your eyes!

    Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry completely.

    Smile...You are amazing!

    *Keep away from eyes*

    Discontinue use of product if irritation occurs.

    Do not consume product

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