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Melt-Away Clay Bars

Himalayan​ ​Salt ​​&​ ​Grapefruit

Wake​ ​up​ ​to​ ​refreshing​ ​notes​ ​of​ ​grapefruit​ ​with​ ​Suzzy​ ​Bee’s moisturizing​ ​Himalayan​ Salt​ &​ ​ Grapefruit​ ​Melt-Away Clay​ Bar.​


The​ ​clarifying​ ​nature​ ​of​ ​oil​ ​cleansing,​ ​paired​ ​with ​ ​the​ ​detoxing benefits​ ​of​ bentonite​ clay​ and​ swirls​ of​ grapefruit​ essential​ oil​ ​will help​ revitalize​ ​your​ ​complexion,​ ​while​ ​Himalayan​ ​salt​ ​works​ ​to​ ​gently exfoliate​ ​skin.


Good​ ​morning​ ​sunshine!


Cleanse, moisturize and detoxify your skin with the delicate floral notes of Suzzy Bee's Rosette Melt-Away Clay Bar.


The anti-aging power of pure rosehip seed oil will help reduce dark spots and scars as well as hydrate dry, itchy skin helping to reduce inflammation, fine lines and wrinkles. The detoxing benefits of kaolin and bentonite clay paired with the ultra moisturizing and toning benefits of raw unrefined cocoa butter will surely be an amazing treat for your skin!



Green Tea & Eucaluptus

Battle​ ​the​ ​cold​ ​and​ ​flu​ ​season​ ​with​ ​Suzzy​ ​Bee’s​ ​anti-oxidant​ ​rich Green​ ​Tea​ ​Eucalyptus​

​Melt-Away​ ​Clay​ ​Bar.


The​ ​clarifying​ ​nature​ ​of​ ​oil​ ​cleansing​ ​paired​ ​with​ ​the​ ​detoxing​ ​benefits of​ ​bentonite​ ​clay,​ ​help​ ​refresh​ ​and​ ​renew​ ​skin,​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​provide​ ​rich nourishment​ ​needed​ ​during​ ​the​ ​harsh​ ​winter​ ​weather. Pure​ ​eucalyptus​ ​essential​ ​oil​ ​and​ ​green​ ​tea,​ ​will​ ​help​ ​to​ ​soothe​ ​your senses​ ​and​ ​rejuvenate​ ​your​ ​overall​ ​spirit.   

Bee Well!

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